Interdisciplinary Excellence Incubator “Picture.Knowledge.Design”

The implementation of a start-up idea usually involves a great deal of effort. The support of a start-up project with solidly equipped laboratories and workshops as well as target- and solution-oriented technical and practical advice should enable students and employees to start their own business with exciting projects.

Innovation fields such as automated data structuring/analysis, smart data, sensor technology, autonomous driving, intelligent traffic systems, mobility and logistics, process monitoring, knowledge-based process control, high-precision and image-based positioning technology and navigation, 3D reconstruction and modeling are all supported.

  • 3D lab: Technology for capturing and creating three-dimensional objects
  • Avionics lab: Driving and flight technology, measurement and evaluation technology
  • Storage and EDP laboratory: High-speed data connection DSL 100Mbit, performance computing technology
  • Know-how in the fields of Surveying, Graphic Data Processing, Geoinformatics, Engineering Design, Media Systems, Drawing and Sculpture, Construction, Structural Design and Historic Preservation
  • Technical and practical advice
  • Establishing contacts to a broad company network, inter- and transdisciplinary exchanges
  • Offices, laboratories, workshops

Anhalt University of Applied Sciences

Excellence Incubator “Image.Knowledge.Design” 

Dr. Volker Höcht, Project Coordinator

AFG Department, Bauhausstraße 8, Building 07, Room 405, 06846 Dessau-Roßlau, Germany

Phone: +49 (0)340 5197-1568

e-mail: volker.hoecht(at)