ego.-INKUBATOR “User Experience and Resilience_FOKUS”

The ego.-INKUBATOR "User Experience and Resilience_FOKUS" promotes business start-ups from the university sector in the fields of quality improvement of technical products and services as well as user-friendly and sustainable product development.

In times of ever-increasing demands on technical developments, the demands for simple and intuitive operability and robust behaviour in the event of malfunctions or crises are of paramount importance. In a user-centered development process, these required characteristics can be jointly developed. User experience experts are irreplaceable in this process and successful teams working on developmental concepts are in great demand.

The ego.-INKUBATOR "User Experience and Resilience_FOKUS" can provide specialist and methodological knowledge as well as a modern technical infrastructure to support, guide and advise university start-ups - from the idea to market launch.

The incubator “UX-R_FOKUS” includes a stationary and a mobile (suitcase) examination laboratory equipped with high-performance camera technology and modern hardware and software for observations and eye tracking. It enables the application of quantitative and qualitative examination methods and provides a wide range of clear evaluation options for experts and developers.

Seminar rooms with modern presentation and transmission technology make experiments and testing in the laboratory a hands-on experience that can be collectively evaluated. Powerful computer technology supports the preparation and automated evaluation of the tests and studies. State-of-the-art eyetracking hardware and software (Tobii Glasses) can be used in the laboratory and for mobile tests.

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Anhalt University of Applied Sciences

ego.-INKUBATOR “User Experience and Resilience_FOKUS”

Contact person: Kerstin Palatini

Office and laboratory in Bernburg, Solbadstraße 2, 06406 Bernburg, 1st. floor, Room 108, Indigo Innovation Park at the Kurhaus

E-Mail: kerstin.palatini(at)