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The ego-INKUBATOR "Hybrid environment and product visualization using augmented, mixed and virtual reality technologies" is an incubator for the development of services up to applications focusing on augmented, mixed and virtual reality technologies.


The future of designing for the environment where people live requires the inclusion of the design disciplines: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Design, Communication and Marketing also includes the so-called auxiliary disciplines, such as, Applied Computer Science, Digital Media and Game Development. A concept/idea can ultimately be conveyed primarily through images and increasingly through people’s interactive participation. The interaction of content (creative disciplines) and digital application (auxiliary disciplines) is therefore quite decisive. The interlocking of design and computer science is also growing with regard to future design and co-design processes within the human environment. Incubator participants could develop a large contribution of application-oriented interdisciplinary solutions/services/products for the design of the human environment.

The technical equipment AR/VR experimental workshop offers above all opportunities to try out the mechanisms of action of these technologies on humans and their environment and to further develop project ideas on the basis of these findings.

The Hybrid AR-VR Lab offers entry opportunities for beginners, advanced users and professionals in the field of media and visualization. Project and start-up ideas for the mass market (B2C) as well as for specialist divisions (B2B) can be supported. User studies can be carried out in cooperation with the ego.INKUBATOR  “User Experience and Resilience”. The projects are supported by various departments of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. The technical equipment includes, among others

  • 3D workshop with workstations for 3D modeling & visualization
  • Various AR &VR - glasses
  • Mobile devices (Android and Windows tablets / smartphones)
  • 3D printer, 3D scanner, 360 ° camera
  • Multiuser VR platform "Illusion Room" (from spring 2019)
  • Basic & experimental workshops
  • Support is provided especially in the concept phase & placement with the guidance of specialist coaches, who are qualified in the participating specialist areas.

The Anhalt University of Applied Sciences Incubator “Hybrid AR-VR Lab” is located on the Bernburg-Strenzfeld campus. Mobile equipment also enables it to be used at other university locations.

  • 3D workshop and presentation room: Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Strenzfelder Allee 28, 06406 Bernburg, Thünenhaus (Geb.08) I R:008:102
  • Illusion room: Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Strenzfelder Allee 28, 06406 Bernburg I Innovation Workshop, B051

Open workshop - AR/VR for trial and error

02/02/2019 // 10:00 -16:00
Campus Dessau - Building 1, CAD-Pool // Dessau Design Show, AR/ VR to test out using it
Department of Design, Seminarplatz 2a, 06846 Dessau-Roßlau

...further dates will follow // gladly also on request

Workshop offerings

... will follow shortly ...

Our team is interdisciplinary and the Hybrid AR-VR Lab was developed in cooperation with different consultants from different departments of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. This enables us to cover a broad spectrum of start-up-related questions and project ideas from a wide variety of specialist areas in the field of augmented, mixed and virtual reality technologies. Thus, different different people are available for further developing a project idea, for consulting on a start-up idea or for the development and / or mediation of a thesis topic.

Participants interested in AR & VR technologies and who are motivated to explore the possibilities of AR & VR in their own field are very welcome.

Talk to us, we can help you!

Where can I find the Hybrid AR-VR Lab?

Anhalt University of Applied Sciences
Inkubator “Hybrid AR-VR Lab”
Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Strenzfelder Allee 28, 06406 Bernburg 

Susanne Raabe, Project Coordinator
Telephone  +49 (0)3471 355-1186
e-mail  susanne.raabe@hs-anhalt.de


© Hochschule Anhalt, Andrea Hirschel

Introduction AR/VR

Here you will be provided a theoretical introduction to the topic of virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies. The differences among the various technologies will be presented and the current areas of application in use today will be highlighted. Here you will also find all of the necessary information on the AR/VR experimental workshop (location, possible uses, equipment) and information about upcoming workshops and events.

© Hochschule Anhalt, Susanne Raabe

Experimental workshops

Here a practical introduction is presented through a variety of workshops. One of the subjects taught is basic knowledge of Unity. The workshops offer an initial orientation geared towards independent study in order to whet your appetite for more.

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