Enrollment Offices

The Enrollment Offices offer you qualified assistance on topics such as applying, changing degree programs, or enrolling. Please make sure to contact the staff member responsible for your campus.

You can find all relevant deadlines for applicants here.

Your application process at Anhalt University

  • Registration in the application portal

    While registering in the SSC Portal, you will need to enter information about yourself and how to contact you. You will also choose a password, which must be at least six characters long and include one special character. You will then receive the confirmation link via email together with your username.


  • Applying to your Preferred Degree Program

    After successfully logging in, you can work on your application and complete the information, e.g. by stating what your university entrance qualification and language qualifications are. These must conform to the admission requirements for studying at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. Please pay attention to the requirements for your degree program. When you submit the application (Button “Submit Application”), you have registered for a university spot.

  • Sending the complete application documents

    Send documents
    Your application will not be considered for the selection process unless all of the required documents are received by the application deadline. The documents needed depend on the degree program, the degree you want to achieve, and your background. For more information, please see the checklist included with your application request.

    Documents that all applicants must submit include:

    • a certified copy of your university entrance qualification or your first academic degree,
    • CV in table format,
    • a copy of your ID or passport,
    • a passport picture
  • Processing by our Staff Members

    Once all of the documents have been received by post and the application is complete, our staff members can start processing your application. If necessary, your documents might be sent to the department (for Master’s applications) or the Studienkolleg (if you do not have a university entrance qualification or sufficient proof of language skills).

    If your application status changes, you will be notified via email. You can then view your current status in the portal by signing in with your login data.

  • Notification of Admission/Rejection

    Your letter of admission or rejection is saved in the personal area of the application portal.

  • Error warnings in the application portal

    Email has not been received
    Occasionally, email providers will categorize emails from our application portal as spam. Please regularly check your spam folder so that you receive information about your application.

    Forgot password
    In the “login area”, click on “forgot login information”, enter your username for the account, and follow the instructions on the subsequent pages.

    For technical questions, please contact the technical administrators under the number +49 (0)3496 67 5295 or via email.