Evaluations contribute to...

  • ... developing the quality of teaching, studies, research, and administration.
  • ... establishing profiles of departments and the University.
  • ... accountability.
  • ... accrediting degree programs.


If you have questions about evaluations, please send an email to evaluation(at)hs-anhalt.de.

Regular surveys: Objective, process, and results

  • Student course evaluations

    Note:  Starting in the summer semester 2018, all courses will be evaluated online. The questionnaire for lecturers can be filled out either online or in paper form.


    The objective of teaching evaluations is to actively <STRONG/>influence courses. Students have the opportunity to encourage dedicated lecturers and can give ideas for improvement. The departments may initiate targeted measures to improve teaching.


    Process for online evaluations

    • 2nd week of the semester: The President's Office sends a CSV file as a template (not an XLSX file!) and a schedule (Schedule SuSe 2018) to the Deans of Academic Affairs.
    • 3rd - 5th week of the semester: The Dean’s Offices report to the President's Office all modules that need to be evaluated using the CSV template. They also inform the department’s lecturers about the evaluation.
    • 6th - 8th week of the semester: The University’s printing house prints the TAN cards (example) and lecturer’s questionnaire and sends them to the Dean’s Offices.
    • 9th - 11th week of the semester: In the course, each student receives a TAN card that can be used to log in to the  survey using a smart phone / tablet / laptop. The lecturer either also uses the online process or fills out the paper form of the lecturer’s questionnaire. The paper questionnaire must then be sent back to the President's Office. It is recommended that the TAN cards be passed out by a neutral person (student assistant, member of the student representatives, etc.) so that the lecturer cannot influence the results in any way.
    • 9th - 11th week of the semester: The results of the online evaluation are automatically forwarded to and evaluated by the President's Office.   Lecturers who want to project the evaluation results on the screen immediately after the survey has been carried out can receive access to EvaSys upon request
    • 12th week of the semester: The President's Office writes the reports for the Deans of Academic Affairs and sends the reports via email.


    Evaluation results

    After the evaluation period, the results for each department are collected and sent to the Dean of Academic Affairs for the respective department.

  • Survey of first-semester students

    Note: Starting with the winter semester 2018/2019, the first-semester survey will be carried out online.


    The objective of the first-semester survey is to find out where our newly enrolled students are from, what motivated them to come to Anhalt University, and which information sources they used. This information is evaluated in the context of quality management, provided to the employees involved in the process, and discussed together. With this process, we aim to achieve a continual improvement of study conditions as well as our services and advising.


    Process for the survey of first-semester students (only winter semester)

    • The first-semester survey is carried out at the same time as the course evaluations. The Deans of Academic Affairs report the degree programs that are to receive the surveys. For this, the President's Office also sends a CSV file as a template (not an XLSX file!).


    Evaluation results:

    Here you can find a summary of the findings from the last survey (WiSe 17/18). The analysis of the detailed first-semester survey is done by the respective department.

  • Degree Program Survey

    The degree program survey aims to make use of the experiences and insights from the students who are almost finished with their studies. The results are integrated into the further development and quality assurance of our degree programs.

    The degree program surveys are still in the pilot phase. Currently, only students from selected degree programs in Department 1 are being surveyed.

    When submitting their final thesis to the Student Service Center, the students are asked to take the survey. They receive an “Information Sheet on the Degree Program Survey“. The information sheet includes a personalized access code (TAN) and the internet address that links to the survey. The survey can then be filled out with a smart phone / tablet  /  laptop.

  • Alumni Survey

    Currently, no alumni surveys are being carried out. You can find the results from the first survey of the graduates of 2014 here.

  • Surveys at University Information Days (HIT)

    The objective of the evaluation of the University Information Days is to find out where the visitors of our University Information Days are from and how they heard about the HIT.

    Contact: Torsten Schaper

Tools for online surveys

  • PowerMail (integrated form HSA website)




    • The form is integrated into the website
    • Direct access using TYPO 3
    • Results are saved in a CSV file



    • Access to TYPO 3 necessary
    • PowerMail functions need to be learned (Contact: Caterina Wilhelm)
    • No automatic statistical analysis of the results. That needs to be done manually with Excel or another program.
  • Google Form

    If you want to start a simple online survey, Google Form is probably the quickest and easiest solution. The tool can be used to create aesthetically attractive and easily manageable surveys.



    • Easy to use, quick implementation, well-designed graphics.
    • Graphs can be copied exactly and used e.g. in a PowerPoint or Word document.



    • Google saves the data.
    • No direct imbedding in the website, only with a link.
  • ArsNova (Audience Response System)

    ArsNova is a smartphone-based Audience Response System (ARS), that is, an electronic voting system that can be used to make university teaching more interactive and flexible. It enables feedback and interaction even in very large courses. 


    The open source solution ArsNova is intuitive, easy to understand, and can be used quickly. The functions include, among others:

    • Instant feedback during a course (“I can follow”, “faster/slower please”, ...), 
    • Anonymous questions from students, 
    • Multiple-choice questions, free text answer, decision questions (right/wrong or yes/no), mini-evaluation, mini-quiz, etc.
  • Moodle

    There is also a survey tool in the learning management system Moodle.

More information on surveys

Of course surveys at the University can also be created by individual departments, structural units, or the students. There are several tools available for this.