Time for change

A new design for Anhalt University.

At its three campuses in Bernburg, Dessau and Köthen, the university has been offering research and teaching at an international level for more than 30 years. It provides education, is a center of life and work, and has shaped the lives of many people. It is the people who, with their inquisitiveness, their creativity and their commitment, make the university a place that is best described with three words:

Vibrant. Innovative. Connected.

The new corporate design aims to express these attributes. Fresh yet familiar, it builds on the tried and tested, creates clarity and at the same time provides impetus for the future.

A symbol that connects everything - that is the new logo of Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.

Based on Alpha, the first letter of the Greek alphabet, the new small "a" symbolizes the beginning. The beginning of a professional career that starts at Anhalt University. Innovative research that originated at the university. A first impulse that the university gives to a life path. At the same time, Alpha is found in various scientific disciplines - in mathematics, physics, chemistry or biology, also in business, architecture, computer science or design.

Thus, the new logo of Anhalt University is intended to be a sign that connects everything: the university's departments, its three campus locations in Bernburg, Köthen and Dessau and, above all, the people who study, work and spend a significant part of their lives here.