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The previous logos of Anhalt University

  • Logo der Fachhochschule Anhalt © Hochschule Anhalt
  • Versionen des Logos der Fachhochschule Anhalt © Hochschule Anhalt
  • Logo Hochschule Anhalt 1998 - 2022 © Hochschule Anhalt
  • 2. Logo der Hochschule Anhalt überarbeitet © Hochschule Anhalt
  • HSA-Logo 2022 © Hochschule Anhalt

Founded in 1991 as "Fachhochschule Anhalt", a combination of the capital letters "F", "H" and "A" represented the university in its early years. To visibly represent the university with its three locations in the logo, it was decided to use color coding; the line variant was chosen for the then rector. The logo was designed by Klaus Heller from the Department of Design.

When the name was changed to "Hochschule Anhalt" in November 1998, the previously familiar lowercase "a" followed as the logo. It was created in-house: Students from the Design Department were given the task of developing a new logo in a semester project. Design student Andrea Mende's design was chosen from 20 proposals.

The longstanding logo of Anhalt University served as inspiration for the newly developed one. After almost 25 years, it replaces it as a further development and transfers the corporate design of the university into the current digital age. Building on the tried and tested, it is also intended to visually provide new impetus for the future.

Take a look at all three logos by clicking through the gallery above.

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