Alexander Jentsch

Fachbereich 4 - Design

Alexander Jentsch

Alexander Jentsch (born 1985) holds a diploma degree in Industrial design and studied in Dresden, Berlin and Havana. In 2015 he graduated from Kunsthochschule Weißensee as a master student with his thesis on Bluetoothtracking systems. During his stay in Havana he devoted himself to differentdesign projects which dealt with the topics DIY, authorship and crisis. Since 2016 Alexander Jentsch cooperates within the collective „The Constitute“ where he explores the fields material, code and Fabbing culture. Currently he is supervising the project „Future-Heritage“ which is focused on off site 3Dscanning technology and techniques as well as 3D printing of ceramics. Beginning in 2017 Alexander presented the project on various ocassions atUniversities in Germany and around the world.


Ceramic 3D printing

Content of the workshop: The central question of the workshop is which shapes can be generatedthrough the 3D printing process. Based on 4 experimental set-ups theparticipants gather hands-on experience about the characteristics of porcelainas 3D print material. A main goal is to experimentaly develop shapes that canbe exlusively manufactured by 3D printing.

Within the course the basics of printing with ceramics will be tought. Everystep, starting from making the clay mass, filling the printing machine, startingand running it in different modes will be covered. Further the participants canmake test prints of their first drafts to check their technical feasability.

Through steady alterations of the form and the printer configurations the initaldesign will be adjusted to the 3D printing process. At the end of the course thecreated objects can be presented in a semi dried /dried stage and can beburned and glazed at will.