Prof. Dr. Alexander Lange

Fachbereich 7 - Angewandte Biowissenschaften und Prozesstechnik

Prof. Dr. Alexander Lange




  • Mathematics I and II for all Bachelor courses at the Department
  • Higher Mathematics for selected Master courses at the Dept
  • Tutorials currently supporting Mathematics I and II (see Lehre )

Please note: Subscription to the associated Moodle courses is possible only within the first week of the lecture period.

Projects / Theses, Jobs as Tutors / Supporting scientific staff

  • Biological Topics: Hormonal dynamics; Infectious disease epidemiology
  • Technical Topics: Elektrochemistry (cooperation with Prof. Bergmann)
  • Teaching: Tutorials supporting regular courses, preparing for the exams
  • E-Learning: WeBWorK coding; Localization (cooperation with Prof. Seewald-Heeg of FB5), Wiki-coding, Recording of lectures


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