Prof. Dr. Andreas Both

Fachbereich 5 - Informatik und Sprachen

Prof. Dr. Andreas Both

Field of Research and Education: Web Engineering

Web Engineering is an interdisciplinary field or research and education at the intersection between Software Engineering, data-driven processes and Web technologies. Because of the huge importance of the World Wide Web for all aspects of software development and the IT industry in general, the following fields are particularly addressed by Web Engineering or of high importance for Web Engineering. Therefore, they are covered by the chair of Web Engineering at Anhalt University w.r.t. research and education:

  • Smart Web Application (in particular in the context of Machine Learning, AI, self-optimizing applications)
  • Software Architecture and Software Design as well as Information Architecture (e.g., AI-first Architectures, Software-as-a-Service, data-intensive architectures, Service-oriented Architectures, Blockchain, Linked Data / Semantic Web)
  • Information Retrieval, Data Engineering and Data Science (e.g., Conversational AI, Question Answering, Chatbots, Semantic Search, Data Integration, Web Usage Analytics)
  • Usability and User Experience (e.g., Web Interface Quality, Interaction / Process Design)
  • Systems Engineering and Systems Design (e.g., Container-as-a-Service, Cloud Computing)
  • Data Management Systems (e.g., Relational Databases, NoSQL-/Big Data Storage)
  • Frontend / Mobile Engineering (e.g., HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Progressive Web Apps)
  • Backend Engineering (e.g., RESTful Services, Serverless Computing)
  • Continuous Integration / Delivery / Deployment

Furthermore, Web Engineering represents some specific requirements w.r.t. the following fields. Consequently, these interface topics are covered enduringly in research and education:

  • non-functional aspect of software (e.g., scalability, robustness, performance, security)
  • software development paradigms and project management (in particular: agile software development, Scrum, Kanban)
  • innovation management (due to the high development and innovation velocity w.r.t. the Web and Web technologies)

Short CV

  • until 2005: Studies of Computer Science at the University of Halle (Germany)
  • until 2010: PhD student at chair of software engineering and programming languages at the institute for computer science of the University of Halle
  • until 2015: (latest position) Head of Research and Development (department head) at Unister GmbH (B2C E-Commerce)
  • 2016: Research and Development Lead at Mercateo AG (B2B E-Commerce)
  • until 2018: Head of Architecture, Web Technologies and IT Research at DATEV eG (Business Software, turnover: ca. 1 Bio. EUR / year)
  • from 10/2018: Professor for Web Engineering at Anhalt University of Applied Science (Germany)
  • from 10/2018: Head of Research at DATEV eG

Projects (organized and/or executed)

Awarded Publications

  • Andreas Both, Viet Nguyen, Mandy Keck, Dietrich Kammer, Rainer Groh, and Dana Henkens. Get inspired: A visual divide and conquer approach for motive-based search scenarios. In 13th International Conference WWW/INTERNET (ICWI), 2014. received Best Paper Award.
  • Ricardo Usbeck, Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo, Sören Auer, Daniel Gerber, and Andreas Both. AGDISTIS - graph-based disambiguation of named entities using linked data. In International Semantic Web Conference. 2014. received Best Paper Award (Research Track).
  • Maximilian Speicher, Andreas Both, and Martin Gaedke. S.O.S.: Does your search engine results page (SERP) need help? In Design, User Experience, and Usability. User Experience Design Practice, CHI ’15, 2015.received CHI 2015 Honorable Mentions.

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The following courses are taught repeatedly:

  • Agile Software Development
  • Question Answering & Chatbots
  • Linked Data & Semantic Web
  • Web Engineering

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