Prof. Dr. Rudolf Lückmann

Fachbereich 3 - Architektur, Facility Management und Geoinformation

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Lückmann


10/1980 – 02/1985: Study architecture at RWTH Aachen, Dipl.-Eng. Architecture

07/1985 – 09/1985: Stonemason at the Cologne Cathedral

03/1985 – 12/1987: Ph.D. with Prof. Dr.-Eng. Ingeborg Schild, „summa cum laude” in monumental preservation, Dr.-Eng. Architecture

10/1985 – 09/1989: Architect at the Cologne Cathedral 

10/1989 – 10/1989 - 08/1990: Head of department (town planning and building construction) city of Tuttlingen/ Southwest Germany

09/1990 – 09/1993: Head of the architecture department of the diocese in Rottenburg- Stuttgart 

10/1993 – today: Professor at the University Anhalt, Campus Dessau near the Bauhaus, Saxony-Anhalt

07/1994 – today: Architect’s studio Lückmann in Dessau



University functions (current)

10/1993 – today: Professor for architecture (building construction and preservation of historic buildings and monuments) at the University of Applied Sciences Anhalt, Department of Dessau

01/2017 – today: Vice-president of foreign affairs

01/2017 - heute: Spokesman of Campus Dessau

10/2002 – today: Master of Science in Heritage Management with Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

04/2019 – today: Head of the Course in “Master of Arts in “Architectural and Cultural Heritage”


University functions (past)

03/1996 – 03/1996 - 02/2003: Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering

03/1998 – 02/1998 - 02/2003: Head of the Department of Dessau (also Faculty Design and Surveying), Head of the Council, University of Applied Sciences Anhalt

03/2003 – 12/2011: Vice-president of foreign affairs and research

02/2003 – 09/2003: Support the foundation for a department of architecture at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou



Chamber of Architects Saxony-Anhalt, Baden-Württemberg, Thuringia

In numerous international and national juries 

Monumental preservation council of Saxony-Anhalt

Board of „Bauhaus Dessau e.V.“, three periods

AiF – advisor in Germany and Austria for monumental preservation.


Important guest lectures

09/2010: Shantou University (P.R. China)

05/2011: Teheran University (Iran)

12/2013: Xiangning art museum (P. R. China)             

05/2014: Berlin cathedral (Germany)

08/2015: China Academy of Art/ Shanghai Institute of Design (P.R. China)

08/2016: City of Qingdao (P.R. China); City of Baoshan (P.R. China)

12/2016: Ho-Chi-Minh City (Vietnam)

04/2017: Kennesaw/ Georgia (USA)

03/2018: China Academy of Art (with Goethe-Institute) in Hangzhou (P.R. China)