7th IMS International Textile Architecture Symposium in Miami

  • From May 17th to May 19th 2018 the IMS e.V. Archineer® Institute of Anhalt University held its 7th IMS International Textile Architecture Symposium.

This year the team of Professor Robert Off organized the symposium at the very prestigious School of Architecture at the University of Miami. About 90 people interested or involved in membrane building business attended and made it a successful event.

Within the three days of the symposium, concentrated lectures were provided regarding planning, design and increasingly frequent inclusion of high‐tech membrane structures in the space of modern architecture. The symposium was a didactic and academic event counting on the experience of great professionals in the field. Keynote speakers Nicholas Goldsmith, Prof. Dr. Günther Filz, David M. Campbell and many other specialists shared their expertise with the participants. At the same time the attendees took advantage of the symposium for networking. The event turned out to a great meeting place between professionals, students and craftsmen currently involved in the industry and the world of membrane or tensile structures.
On its last day, the symposium was concluded after an interactive panel discussion where the specialists answered questions regarding education, future trends and development in the field of membrane and lightweight structure building.

The next educational event organized by the IMS e.V. Archineer® Institute will be in September (15.-22.09.2018) the 2nd TENSILE intense course at the Bauhaus Campus Dessau-Rosslau of the Anhalt University in Germany, which is also location of the institute.

The one-week course is addressed to architects, engineers, managers, salesmen and others, who are interested and/or involved in membrane and lightweight structures business. More information is available at or by contacting heike.kleine(at)