Best Presentation Award of University of Tsukuba

My name is Do Bao Tam. I’m a BIFTEC student, batch 2017-2019. In July 2019, I proudly became a participant of the 10th Summer Research Program at University of Tsukuba (Japan) under the sponsorship of “Young Scientists” scholarship by Anhalt University of Applied Sciences and University of Tsukuba.

By various activities in this intensive 2-week program, I learnt about not only my major but also Japanese academic working environment with the great impression on the facilities, staffs and curricula in University of Tsukuba. I was involved in a research project of Food and Biomass Process Engineering laboratory, which aims to investigate the non-destructive methods on the prediction of fruits’ ripeness. I had an opportunity to practice and understand the experimental design and the research methodology of this project. Also, it was the good time that I can exchange my knowledge and research experiences with other attendees and make the connections with Professors as well as teaching assistants and lab-mates there.

To complete the program, the last activity was a final presentation of research accomplishment performed by every participant. I’m greatly honored to be selected for the “Best Presentation” award by the committee. As a young scientist, the completion of this research program has motivated me, and expressed how I am seen as having potentially research and academic competencies in the future.