International Strategic Management Workshop (Montepulciano, Italy)

Prof. Dr. Cornelia Scott and Prof. Dr. Markus Holz conducted a week-long International Strategic Management Workshop for approx. 10 MBA students from the 24th till 30th September 2017 at the Kennesaw State University satellite campus in Montepulciano, Italy.

The Anhalt delegation was warmly welcomed by the Vice-Mayor of Montepulciano, Mr. Luciano Garosi. The MBA students had regular lectures with Prof. Scott and Prof. Holz as well as with Prof. True from the Kennesaw State University - cooperation partner of Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. Visits to local companies and institutions in the region as well as cultural activities with students from the Kennesaw State University gave the MBA students insights into the economic activities in the region and enabled cross-cultural interaction.