Students of Architecture erected a Membrane

  • After a short workshop in textile construction students of Architecture had the chance to erect a membrane at the Seminarplatz in Dessau - goal was to motivate them for participating on the further education program “TENSILE Intense”.

On hot summer days, shady spots are essential for those who need or want to be outside. Recently, the IMS team around Professor Robert Off invited students of Architecture at the Dessau Campus of the Anhalt University to participate in a workshop for erecting the popular membrane which covers the sitting area at the Seminarplatz almost every summer. After a short theoretical introduction, a group of students erected the Membrane together. Then unfolding, placing and cleaning the membrane, the students helped to hang the structure between the trees and could experience the behaviour and the power of a membrane when it is erected. Rewarding the hard work, the students were invited by IMS to barbeque and some drinks.
Intention of this invitation was to give the students of Architecture an insight into the special world of membrane design and construction. The IMS e.V. Archineer® Institute, led by Professor Robert Off, is an associated Institute at Anhalt University hosting the postgraduate Master Program in Membrane Structures, which is almost unique in the world.
It is a distance learning program, where Architects and Engineers from all over the world learn how to design, calculate, detail, build and keep textile constructions. Professor Off and his team intended to make the topic of membrane and lightweight structure building more visible for the students at the Dessau Campus as it is increasing interest worldwide and is supposed to be used more and more in the future.
15th to 22nd of September, the IMS is going to organize the 2nd "TENSILE intense" program, which is a one week concentrated overview in membrane- and lightweight structures. Students of the Anhalt University are invited to participate for free. Interested people should send an email to heike.kleine(at) for free registration.
More information about the program you will find here: