Three universities of 3 different countries and continents have been working on one common exercise that was based on the idea of creating a dialogue with nature: “Find yourself in a meadow, in a forest, on the banks of a river… Sharpen your senses to identify the character of the local landscape. Try to create an installation, a piece of land work that will refer to the essence of the place.”
Architecture and landscape architecture students were asked to do so and find their ways of dialogue. In our joint exhibition “Transient Land Art” the works of Universitas Islam Indonesia, Utah State University and Hochschule Anhalt will face each other and will tell stories about various approaches that might reflect different cultural backgrounds as well as the difference of natural aspects, environment and climate influencing the student’s works and their choice of material. Besides all differences will exhibition visitors find some common themes too?
Anyhow, won’t all works be affected by process, transience and decay?

Cooperation Partners

Prof. Caroline Lavoie, Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, Utah State University, Logan (USA)

ST., MA. Barito Adi Buldan, Department of Architecture, Universitas Islam Indonesia, Yogyakarta (IDN)

Prof. Dr. Nicole Uhrig, Faculty of Agriculture, Ecotrophology and Landscape Development, Hochschule Anhalt, Bernburg (GER)