The Winery Münzberg Gets a New Expansion Plan

It is no secret that a glass of good wine makes the time on campus a little more fun every now and again. What is even better is when one manages to combine study objectives with some sponsored bottles!

For the course “International Management” with prof- Dr. Scott the MBA students were tasked with creating an expansion plan for the Winery Münzberg in Landau. After a thorough analysis, they came up with quite unexpected country suggestions: Norway, Canada, South Korea, Singapore, Uganda and Estonia turned out to be the most promising export markets for the winery’s sales.

The full analytic reports included PESTEL analyses of the chosen countries, a new distribution and marketing plan, an image video of the company Münzberg, an image video of the chosen countries a social media plan, and a legal analysis, amongst other things. The final results were then sent to the company Münzberg to be utilized in the future.

By the end of the semester, a summer party was organised by Prof. Scott – only complete with sponsored Münzberg wine, of course.