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Designforum 166 - Healthcare Design.
Kristof Vaes, Antwerp

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10April 2019, 17.00 – 19.00 Uhr

Although many assistive, protective or medical devices are helpful and functional, they often lack appeal. In addition, use of these products often feels embarrassing to their users, causing stress, discomfort and shame. My research on ‘Product Stigmaticity’ aims to improve day-to-day life for people who depend on these products.  In my lecture I will present insights and design tools that aim to relieve users of the social stress related to using these products. These tools strive to go beyond the physical adaptation between user and product to inspire empowering products that support the user’s personal and social well-being. 

Kristof Vaes is an assistant Professor of Design with a fond passion for human-product interactions. Previous stations in his career include Bulo office furniture, Achilles Design, as well as freelancing and consulting for various agencies and clients. Kristof is a lecturer and researcher at the Faculty of Design Sciences of the University of Antwerp. His teachings include: product semantics, inclusive design, design for wellbeing and tutoring design projects such as design for interaction and master projects. In his book‚ Product Stigmaticity‘ he examined ways to alleviate products of their stigma-eliciting properties. 

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