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Fit4Wrk: Getting in Touch - Meet Your Future Employer

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19Juni 2019

kickSTART:Karriere is your starting point for a successful launch into the employment market.

Over the course of the summer semester 2019 we offer individually-themed qualification seminars in the areas:

  • Soft skills
  • The job application
  • Everything you need to know about companies

to support you in your preparation for the optimal transition into the local employment market.

Fit4Wrk: Getting in Touch - Meet Your Future Employer

When: 19.06.2019

Where: Campus Köthen

You are looking to find a job in Germany but are unsure how to find a suitable company?

kickSTART:Karriere supports and accompanies you to the career fair. In preparation you will receive coaching in the preparation of your CV, professionalizing your appearance and obtaining the appropriate rhetoric skills, so that on the day of the fair you have the optimal chance of getting in touch with companies.

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