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Fit4Wrk Winter Weeks- Working in Germany- What’s to Know?

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15Januar 2020, 16.30 – 19.30 Uhr

kickSTART:Karriere is your starting point for a successful launch into the employment market.

Over the course of the summer semester 2019 we offer individually-themed qualification seminars in the areas of:

  • Soft skills
  • The job application
  • Everything you need to know about companies

to support you in your preparation for the optimal transition into the local employment market.

When:  15.01.2020 – 16:30-19:30

WhereDessau Campus
                Specific venues are to be announced.

You are looking to stay in Germany after your graduation? But you are not sure about the relevant visa regulations?

The workshop covers the requirements for a visa extension, the different types of working visas and other residence permit options.

We will also discuss employment contracts (types and elements), working hours- regulations, as well as features of the social security system, using a practical case-study.

kickSTART:Karriere  helps you experience the different specific characteristics of German work culture including: punctuality, organization and handling direct criticism.

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