Dr. Erik Bohemia

Fachbereich 4 - Design

Dr. Erik Bohemia

Short biography

I have worked in academia researching Design Innovation for over two decades. I am actively shaping the Design Research agenda through co-chairing key international design research conferences and through editorial roles at key design journals. I have a strong international research profile, which has been recognised by both national and international peers. I have worked in Australia, Norway and the UK, with visiting appointments at a variety of international design schools, such as the Technical University of Delft (Netherlands), the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), Shandong University of Arts and Design (China), Shandong University of Science and Technology (China) and Polytechnic University of Milan (Italy). I led to completion an Arts Humanities Research Council funded project exploring how new digital technologies are affecting and changing knowledge translation in New Product Development and innovation.

Founded the Academy for Design Innovation Management Network (ADIM), an international network for developing and supporting the interests of the design innovation research community. Close to 1000 members have been supporting ADIM’s events.

My ongoing research is in the broad area of ‘Materialities of Designing’. I am interested in Design innovation as a cultural practice and its material effects on individuals and society. As designer moves more into areas such as: Service Design, Design for Public Policy, Strategic Design, Design for Social Change; the design-driven innovation of meaning practices, facilitated by co-design methods, will become ever more prominent. This is also the case for the more established areas of design such as the Sustainable Design as adoption of many potential solutions to tackle sustainability issues are dependent on “modifying” the end-users’ “value systems”, which raise significant ethical issues which will need to be debated, explored and negotiated.

Selected Full Peer Reviewed Publications

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2003 – Completed PhD, titled ‘Lean manufacturing and its impact on the role of Industrial Designers in Australia’, with the Faculty of Built Environment at the University of New South Wales, Australia
1994 – Bachelor of Design (Honours) in Industrial Design at the RMIT University (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology), Australia, gained First Class Honours.
1993 – Completed a four year full-time Bachelor of Arts (Industrial Design) degree at the University of Newcastle, Australia