The Fit4Wrk Workshops Are Back: We Are Getting You Ready for the Job Market!

Over the course of the next semester we offer you the best chance to get ready for a career in Germany!

In bi-monhtly workshops in cooperation with the "Center for Labour Migrants Saxony Anhalt" we will get you up to speed in all matters regarding finding and managing a job in Germany.

Get ready to get kickstarted in Germany!


Simply join our Moodle course and lay the foundation for a successful careeer!


Here's what we got in store for you:

1. The Application- Successfully Market Yourself
Including: Application Strategies and Channels, Application Documents
23.02.2022/ 16:00-18:00

2. Everything You Need to Know About Employment Contracts
Including: W
orking Hours, Breaks, Vacation and other regulations
02.03.2022/ 16:00-18:00

3. The Job Interview- Realizing Your Application
Including: Interview Preparation, Common Questions, Salary Negotiation        
               23.03.2022/ 16:00-18:00

4. Money Makes the World Go Around!
Including: How Does Your Paycheck in Germany Work?
               06.04.2022/ 16:00-18:00

5. Visa Regulations for your Future in Germany
Including: Visa Options after Graduation & Requirements
13.04.2022/ 16:00-18:00

6. Ending an Employment Contract
Including:  Different Types of Contracts and their Respective Redundancy Strategies
               27.04.2022/ 16:00-18:00

7. Looking for a Short-Term Job? 
Including:  The Mini-Job Explained
               11.05.2022/ 16:00-18:00

8. German Working Culture & Managing Remote Work
Including: Understanding German Working Culture & Tools to Manage and  Increase Productivity in Home Office Environment
18.05.2022/ 16:00-18:00

9. A Flexible Alternative
Including: Temporary Employment Agencies and their Pros & Cons
08.06.2022/ 16:00-18:00

10. Having Trouble with your Boss?
Including: Solve your Problems with Non-Judicial  and Juridical Strategies              
               22.06.2022/ 16:00-18:00