Biotechnology (B. Eng.)

Department Applied Biosciences and Process Engineering

Course content and objectives

The program includes all stages of development of biotechnological processes such as microbiological strain selection, genetic engineering changes in cells, optimization of milieu conditions at the lab level, and designing and measuring bioreactors.
Students apply new findings from molecular biology and genetic engineering using bioprocess engineering: They carry out microbiological and genetic engineering work, research biotechnological processes, and develop corresponding procedures. The necessary equipment is designed, measured, and operated by the students.

People who analyze microorganisms and animal and plant cells gain expertise about the building blocks for products that are in demand globally: From highly effective medications to safe mass products for feeding people and animals. In the bachelor’s degree program in Biotechnology, molecular-biological, genetic engineering, and process engineering methods are taught from the lab experiments to biotechnological processes. With its outstanding technical equipment, Köthen’s campus guarantees a practical education highly relevant to production.

And it’s international: A dense network of cooperation partners provides valuable international cooperation projects and new contacts. Future prospects for graduates are superb: They are sought after in research, development, and production, in biotechnology companies, in medicine, the pharmaceutical industry, environmental institutions, and government agencies.


  • University entrance qualification
    • Abitur
    • Qualification for universities of applied science (Fachhochschulreife)
    • Master craftsman or previous education or vocational training considered equivalent
  • Language Skills
    • TestDAF Niveaustufe 4xTDN4
    • DSH2
    • or another acceptable German language certificate
  • other requirements

    This bachelor's degree program also exists with a cooperative study program.

    An internship or employment contract with a company typical of the industry is required.