Biotechnology (M. Sc.)

Department Applied Biosciences and Process Engineering

Course content and objectives

The master’s program in Biotechnology conveys extensive knowledge and skills related to researching, developing, and modelling biotechnological and genetic engineering processes. The program builds on knowledge gained in the bachelor’s program to deepen mathematical, natural scientific, and technical aspects. Students expand their knowledge of scientific analysis of biotechnological and genetic engineering processes and are able to model and describe these processes. As is typical at Anhalt University, practical application is in the focus: Students work on three projects derived from research topics. They thereby explore the entire spectrum of methods for complex research projects.

The master’s degree in Biotechnology enables students to carry out far-reaching microbiological and genetic engineering work. Graduates have expertise in researching biotechnological processes and developing corresponding procedures. They can conceptualize and operate the equipment necessary for doing so. With this knowledge and these skills, they have excellent chances for finding employment in challenging fields of research and work. This could include scientific institutes but also research institutions or businesses in the industries of biotechnology, pharmaceutical technology, or in the agricultural or food industries. Students who want to go into even more scientific depth can work on a doctorate after completing the master’s degree.


  • University Degree

    A completed university degree in Biotechnology or comparable degree programms with a normal program length of at least three years is required.

  • Language Skills
    • TestDAF Niveaustufe 4xTDN4
    • DSH2
    • or another acceptable German language certificate
  • Aptitude Test Procedure

    1. first university degree:

    • overall grades up to 2.5 (German grading scale) can be admitted
    • overall grades between 2.6 - 3.0 (German grading scale) go into the selection process
    • overall grades of lower than 3.0 cannot be admitted


    2. further criteria:

    • if necessary an admission interview