Leadership and Communication (Certificate)

Department of Electrical, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Course content and objectives

Of course what you say is important. But in professional life, how you say something is also important. Communication is of key importance for all managers, and the certificate program “Leadership and Communication” therefore conveys more in-depth skills in this area in five modules. Professionals with a university entrance qualification, graduates with a first professionally qualifying university degree, and people with relevant, well-founded professional experience can expand their skills in leadership and communication in this career-integrated program. The spectrum is broad: Stress and health management, digitalization in the working world, legal finesse in the leadership process, and principles of organizational and HR development can be chosen.

Coursework and exams in this certificate program can in some cases be recognized for other degree programs.


  • University entrance qualification
  • Professionally qualifying university degree
  • or relevant, well-founded professional experience