Interactive Media (M. Sc.)

Department Computer Science and Languages

Course content and objectives

The program’s objective is to allow students to specialize in the area of media interactivity. This affects classic interactive telecommunication media as well as new interfaces and technologies to understand human gestures and behavioral patterns. They can also be applied practically in film, social networks, computer games, or in daily life. The program allows students to get to know and try out new communication possibilities. From input devices to dialog design, in highly complex industrial processes or in art and culture - everywhere that the human-machine interface needs to be designed so naturally that the finest nuances of human communication can be recorded and evaluated. Graduates of the master’s program in Interactive Media at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences find jobs wherever the focus is on creating and using new media. The master’s degree is a professional qualification and graduates can go on to work on a doctorate.


  • University Degree
    • Bachelor’s degree in a computer science or similar program (e.g. electrical engineering / media technology)
  • Language Skills
    • TestDAF Niveaustufe 4xTDN4
    • DSH2
    • or another acceptable German language certificate