Interdisciplinary Wound Management (Certificate)

Department Applied Biosciences and Process Engineering

Course content and objectives

The certificate program in Interdisciplinary Wound Management is to be completed alongside participants’ career and convey practical skills and knowledge for tasks as an expert wound therapist. It is meant for professionals with a university entrance qualification, university graduates with a first professionally qualifying university degree, or people with relevant professional experience.


In general, all applicants with a university entrance qualification according to Saxony-Anhalt’s State Higher Education Act are admitted. In addition, people who show proof of professional experience in medicine lasting at least two years and practical skills and abilities can participate in a university education according to these regulations if the Board of Examiners decides that the applicant is personally qualified to the extent that it can be expected that the person will successfully complete the program.

Career Opportunities

Degree for nursing: Assistent*in für Wund-Medizin; for physicians: Wund-Medizin als Diplom. The degree is recognized nationally and internationally in the field of wound healing.