Mechanical Engineering (B. Eng.)

Department of Electrical, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
NEW! Shortened study duration, updated course content, focus on sustainable and digital product development

Course content and objectives

The newly launched career-integrated bachelor’s program in mechanical engineering is offered like this at only a few state-run German universities. Modernizations and updates increase the attractiveness of the program while maintaining the tradition and appeal of an undergraduate degree program in general mechanical engineering.

In addition to their practical work, students deepen their specialized knowledge and engineering working methods, which enable them to work independently in the broad field of mechanical engineering. In the course of the program, comprehensive training in the fields of design, simulation, manufacturing and computer science, among others, combined with methodological expertise in various application areas is imparted in a practice-oriented manner - tailored to the expectations of employers with regard to digitalization and sustainability. The digital and sustainable transformation of industry and almost all areas of society will require special and, in some cases, additional competencies and skills from graduates of the mechanical engineering program in the future. At the same time, it is the claim of the study program that the digital and sustainable approach permeates almost all modules of the curriculum in order to map a comprehensive, holistic implementation of this concern across all modules and throughout the entire study program.

Dramatically shortening product development times constantly demand new solutions for innovative products and components, often working in interdisciplinary teams with computer-aided systems for design (CAD), layout (CAE), manufacturing (CAM) and inspection (CAQ) - also known as the CAx chain.


Career Opportunities

The demand for highly qualified mechanical engineers is already very high and will increase in the future due to the current structural change and demographic development.

In today's industry, on the one hand, product development times are being drastically shortened in order to be able to adapt products more quickly to changing markets, and on the other hand, new solutions for innovative products and components are constantly being demanded, especially with regard to sustainability aspects.

The knowledge and skills imparted in the mechanical engineering distance learning program allow graduates to take on tasks in a wide variety of industrial sectors. The fields of application range from small or medium-sized companies to globally operating corporations.

Graduates of the career-integrated mechanical engineering program at our university are employed in research, design and calculation, product development, production preparation and production, machine and plant maintenance, as well as in quality assurance in almost all industries in which engineering skills are required - especially in the automotive and supplier industries - and also work in the public sector or as self-employed professionals in engineering offices.