Mechanical Engineering (B. Eng.)

Department of Electrical, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Course content and objectives

Besides their practical work, students expand their subject knowledge and engineering working methods, which enable them to work independently in the broad field of mechanical engineering. In the course of the program, students gain a broad education in the areas of mechanics, production, materials, and computer science combined with method competence in various areas of application.

It is likely that the industry’s need for mechanical engineers will continue to be greater than the number of university graduates in the future. The drastically decreasing product development times are continually demanding new solutions for innovative products and components, and work is often done in interdisciplinary teams with computer aided systems for design (CAD), for engineering (CAE), for production (CAM), and for review.
The education profile at Anhalt University enables graduates of the career-integrated program to work in nearly all industries in which engineering skills are required: this includes the automobile and supplier industries, mechanical and tool engineering, in research institutions and agencies, in quality assurance and monitoring, or as freelancers in engineering offices or in sales.