Materials Data Science (M. Sc.)

Department Computer Science and Languages
Enrollment for the summer semester 2023

Course content and objectives

Computer-aided models and simulations have already become indispensable in materials science and engineering. Combining the two disciplines may also enable shorter development times, instructive manufacturing processes and new business models, as well as offering more potential for material and production efficiency. Anhalt University of Applied Sciences offers a career-integrated master's degree program in Materials Data Science - a program which combines the application-oriented knowledge transfer of the disciplines of computer science and data science with materials science and materials engineering.

You will acquire extensive knowledge and skills in the fields of applied materials science and materials engineering as well as computer science and data analysis. Among other things, the focus will be on the development of data science applications in the materials domain as well as on process data identification and value chains for future product optimizations, which are needed in the context of the end-to-end digitalization of Industry 4.0. In addition to developing knowledge of methods and techniques, much emphasis is placed on the practical application of what has been learned: Many practical tasks as well as the exchange with experts will consolidate your acquired knowledge.


  • University Degree

    Applicants will have

    • a university degree (Bachelor or Diploma) with a normal program length of at least 7 semesters and 210 credits in an engineering, technical or technical-scientific field and with reference to materials science or materials engineering
    • or with reference to in-depth computer science applications of at least three years' duration
  • German language skills

    Recognized German language certificates for international applicants:

    • DSH2
    • TestDaF-4xTDN4
    • if applicable, equivalent language certificates
  • Professional experience

    Applicants must provide evidence of at least one year's relevant practical experience. Particular importance is attached to the fact that the applicants have already worked in companies or research institutions and have independently worked on tasks and projects related to materials science or materials technology or related to in-depth computer science applications.

    If the normal program length of the degree program in which the bachelor's degree was earned is six semesters, an additional 30 credits must be earned as part of the master's degree program.

    These credits can be earned by means of additional modules in this or another relevant degree program and by crediting knowledge and skills acquired outside the university.

Career Opportunities

As a graduate, you will research, develop and design materials and components on the basis of modern information technology. As a specialist or manager in companies or research institutions, you will be involved in the development of new materials and more, which uses the potential of end-to-end digitization for the prediction and targeted generation of material properties.