Science, Technology, Engineering and Math-Orientation Program (STEM) (No degree)

Department Architecture, Facility Management and Geoinformation

Course content and objectives

The STEM orientation program is a reaction to the insecurity of many students after completing school and offers the chance to try out which degree program corresponds best to their own expectations and desires for one or two semesters.

As a new student, you will not need to decide from the outset which focus you want to have. Instead, you can try out various STEM areas at the Köthen campus and in general decide whether a STEM program is the right choice for you. At the same time, you can close any existing knowledge gaps.

What is the content of the orientation program?

The program combines modules (=courses) from the university’s STEM programs with modules designed especially for the orientation program. Each semester, you can take up to six modules. We advise and support you in your selections.

  • Basic modules convey mathematical and natural science knowledge for a successful start in a STEM program. They are chosen from the STEM basics: besides mathematics, this could be physics, chemistry, electrical engineering basics, or programming. If necessary, we offer additional exercises and tutorials.
  • Professional competences - they are the tools you need to manage daily life as a student. They include method competences (learning strategies, time management, self-management), social competence (working and studying in a team, conflict management), communication, intercultural communication, rhetoric, and presenting the results of work and research.
  • You choose modules independently from the participating STEM degree programs. When making your selection, you decide based on your personal interests and study together with the students in the other degree programs.
  • You work on interdisciplinary projects in which the knowledge of various disciplines is practically applied and implemented in the group.
  • During the orientation program, you gain a broad impression of the professional possibilities in the STEM subjects and many insights into the practical professional world through graduates’ and professionals’ presentations, lab courses, company tours, and excursions.

What happens after that?

Ideally, during the orientation phase you have found the program you want to study and then switch to one of Anhalt University of Applied Sciences’ STEM degree programs.

All of the coursework and examinations you have done are included in an overview and can be counted toward your studies upon request if the modules fit with the chosen degree program.


  • University Degree
    • Abitur
    • Qualification for universities of applied science (Fachhochschulreife)
    • Master craftsman
    • Or previous education or vocational training considered equivalent
  • Language Skills
    • TestDAF Niveaustufe 4xTDN4
    • DSH2
    • or another acceptable German language certificate