Specialized Technical Communication - Software Localization (BA)

Department Computer Science and Languages

Course content and objectives

An affinity to software products such as websites or video games combined with a certain degree of cultural sensitivity are essential for prospective students in the bachelor’s program in Specialized Technical Communication - Software Localization. After all, translating menus and buttons in computer programs requires more than just translation and linguistic competence. At Anhalt University, students are taught how understandable online help and better user manuals can look. Cultural sensitivity also includes forms and colors of graphic elements, as these are also adapted to the viewing habits of the target markets. This bachelor’s program in Software Localization, which is currently the only one of its kind in Germany, includes both linguistic-translation as well as information-technological content. The program conveys subject and method competence in translation, information technology, and intercultural communication to adapt software products to the respective target markets in a high quality manner.

At the end of a successful program in Software Localization, graduates have a broad qualification that leads directly into the modern translation and localization market. The professional possibilities are highly diverse: in internationally active companies and organizations, with translation and localization service providers, in terminology and marketing departments, with software companies, with game companies, or as freelancers in translation and localization.


  • Abitur
  • Qualification for universities of applied science (Fachhochschulreife)
  • Master craftsman
  • or previous education or vocational training considered equivalent.