Process Engineering (M. Eng.)

Department Applied Biosciences and Process Engineering

Course content and objectives

The goal of the degree program is to convey extensive, deep knowledge and skills as well as methods of process engineering in order to enable the graduates to apply advanced scientific methods and insights in an interdisciplinary way. They identify weaknesses and develop tailored solutions. The master’s degree qualifies graduates to start a doctorate.

Based on the broad education, they are able to overcome challenges in research, development, and planning and to take on responsibility for a team. They also have good career prospects internationally. With a completed master’s degree, nothing stands in the way of a career in any successful industry in Germany:
 Depending on their personal preferences, they can start their careers in the food industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, with energy corporations, in the medical industry, or in environmental technology. Other possibilities include apparatus and facility construction, biotechnology, the paper industry, the automobile industry, or the cement industry.


  • A qualified university degree in a bachelor’s program in Process Engineering, Food Technology, or comparable degree programs with a standard period of study of at least six semesters as well as qualified professional experience related to that, typically lasting at least one year.
  • Admission is granted using a selection process.
  • Overall grades of 2.5 or higher (German grading scale) can be admitted
  • Overall grades between 2.6 - 3.0 (German grading scale) go into the selection process, in some cases with an aptitude interview
  • Overall grades of lower than 3.0 cannot be admitted