Business Law (LL. M.)

Department Economics

Course content and objectives

The master's degree program in Business Law unites a scientifically well-founded, flexible legal program that thereby also does justice to the requirements of the job market and covers the basics of business and economics. With the breadth of the program, as a Master of Laws (LL.M.) you are generalist who can specialize and who is able to quickly enter into the professional world.


  • Completed university degree in Business Law or comparable degree programs
  • Overall grades of 3.0 or better (German grading scale) go into the selection process
  • Overall grades of lower than 3.0 cannot be admitted

Career Opportunities

The master’s degree qualifies you for work in all business areas in many different industries:

  • as legal counsel in companies
  • in legal divisions (with various focuses, e.g. logistics, marketing, IT, HR, taxation, online communication, management)
  • in large law firms (also international)· in the area of insolvency administration and corporate restructuring
  • in tax consulting firms and auditing companies
  • in chambers, associations, and regional authorities
  • in public administration / civil service
  • in banks, insurance companies, and financial service providers
  • as a contract and claim manager
  • in the area of environmental management or environmental law
  • in companies in the real estate industry

In general, you can work anywhere that legal and business skills are required.

In addition, you have the possibility to do a doctorate.