Dessau Summer School of Architecture (Ohne Abschluss)

Department Architecture, Facility Management and Geoinformation

Course content and objectives

The Dessau Summer School of Architecture develops its thematic focus from the relevance of Bauhaus Dessau in the history of architecture. Parts of the course are conducted within Bauhaus Dessau.
At the Dessau Summer School of Architecture, participants from different nations enter into an architectural dialogue on a review of modernity in architecture. To this purpose, the components of the program place current developments in architecture and design in relation to the history of modernity and to its evidence on site.

Dessau Summer School of Architecture starts with a workshop in cooperation with Bauhaus Dessau Foundation on the mutual relations between Education and Design in the Bauhaus Aula. Following this, the Studio is closely related to this context.
Art Class, Architecture and Society including German Language Class, excursions to close and also more remote locations of modern architecture develop and deepen this focal point.