Prof. Dr. N. Uhrig, Dipl.-Ing. M. Kuntz, M.A. D. Kim - Landscape Architecture Semesterarbeit

Bernburg Loop

Recreational Development at the Rural Fringe of Bernburg North


Saale river and the southern part of Bernburg is established for local and regional cycling tourism. Many families, seniors and young people go for excursions especially at the weekends. The north of Bernburg, on the other hand, seems to be of little interest to such activities, although interesting things could also be discovered there.


The goal of the project is to develop a tourist route with a bike path that connects the city of Bernburg and river Saale with the northern rural region. Existing location qualities and tourist potentials as well as hidden points of interest are to be discovered and put into value from in an aesthetic, social, organizational, ecological and economical perspective. The route will also be used to establish a knowledge and information service that is based on the areas of teaching and research at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in the area of "Life Sciences" including other topics to serve different kinds of user groups.


The students have developed proposals for the development of a cycling and tourism concept for the north of Bernburg. From a landscape-architectural perspective, the idea of "Bernburg Loop" will reflect different themes and focuses on strengthening local tourism. Thus, the cycle path can be understood as a cultural itinerary, as a nature trail and as a science related discovery path, which makes the research and teaching areas "Life Sciences" of Anhalt University visible in the surroundings. The design results range from easy to implement improvements to extensive design proposals and could be considered as the basis for further development.


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