Prof. Dr. N. Uhrig, Dipl.-Ing. M. Kuntz, M.A. D. Kim - Landscape Architecture Semesterarbeit

Siemensbahn & Speeinsel

Conversion of a Former Railway Track & River Island as Missing Link


The future of the abandoned railway track and former "Siemensbahn" in Berlin lies in the conflicting fields between industrial culture, monumental heritage, future urban development in the surrounding area as well as the requirements for recreation, green connections and ecology.

MLA students developed ideas and proposals for the revitalization of the forgotten railway tracks in the north-west of Berlin. From a landscape-architectural perspective, various scenarios on the future of the Siemensbahn will be discussed and different focuses will be set. In summary, the question can be asked "which future model appears to be viable and imaginable? Does Berlin need a green connection in the Jungfernheide-Spreeinsel-Schlosspark network, a cycle track, an urban park for recreational use or an ecologically valuable biotope network? How could the Spreeinsel serve as a link between Schloss Charlottenburg Jungfernheide and how could Siemensbahn improve the bicycle and footpath connection? Regarding the expected housing development in the neighborhood shall it be recovered as train connection in the future and do we need a concept for interim or temporary use for the next years?


The ideas range from easy-to-implement improvements to comprehensive design proposals, which can be considered as the basis for further development. Three main approaches were chosen: temporary use concept, Recreational focus and ecological focus. Thus different design topics came up. Such like adventurous green connection, linear park, elevated walk way and tree top path, jogging- and cycling tracks, open air stages, integration of surrounding allotment garden and gardening culture, ecology and nature protection, animal friendly design, biotope improvement, renaturation of river banks or rediscovery of historical traces. Especially in the context of the uncertain future and political disagreement on the topic of Siemensbahn students wanted to show different alternatives and scenarios for a future development to start a dicussion for citizens and politics.