Karim Soliman - Architecture (DIA) Semesterarbeit

Body Architecture

  • "natur mort" | Arpi Mangasaryan
    "natur mort" | Arpi Mangasaryan © HSA
  • "the hex" | Stefanne Samuels
    "the hex" | Stefanne Samuels © HSA
  • "the maze" | Paul Bes de Berc
    "the maze" | Paul Bes de Berc © HSA
  • "under the sea" | Biayna Kkhachik
    "under the sea" | Biayna Kkhachik © HSA
  • "coral spine" | Deniiz Kozluca
    "coral spine" | Deniiz Kozluca © HSA
  • "arca" | Pavlo Babiienko
    "arca" | Pavlo Babiienko © HSA


In response to the contours of the human body, the Cad Logic class (Digital Fabrication) of DIA allows students to freely express themselves in parametric jewelry accessories. Its spectrum begins from the design of rings, bracelets, necklaces and complete sets, to the design of parametric dresses. Its objective is to achieve very precise and detailed original designs that can be 3D printed, in which numerous students have successfully achieved and displayed in temporary pavilions such as the Hornet Nest, Jewelry Pavilion and Hex-316, which were also pieces of work done by students.

Within this course the students got introduced to various digital fabrication methods and techniques. Also students learn how to using algorithmic design tool Grasshopper 3d and Rhino  in order to design not only the product but also the process of its fabrication with 3d printing or using CNC Machines. The course is tough by Karim Soliman.