Johannes Kalvelage - Architecture (DIA) Semesterarbeit

SEAB . Municipal Company in Bolzano

  • SEAB . Municipal Company Located In Bolzano
  • SEAB . Municipal Company Located In Bolzano
  • SEAB . Municipal Company Located In Bolzano
  • SEAB . Municipal Company Located In Bolzona
  • SEAB . Municipal Company Located In Bolzano

SEAB is a municipal company located in Bolzano, Italy. It was created in 1976, to ensure a coordinated management of public services. Such as potable water supply, removal of wastewater, distribution of natural gas, cleaning of roads and green areas, waste management, recycling center, collection centers and management of garages, parking lots and blue parking spaces. SEAB not only provides for the city, but contributes also to protect the environment, with high environmental and safety standards in the workplace, focusing on an environmentally friendly energy production, exclusively from renewable sources, produced in hydroelectric power plants of South Tyrol.

SEABʼs work consists in the implementation, maintenance and control of the necessary infrastructures. “High-quality drinking water, a perfectly functioning gas network and sewage system, clean streets and a well-kept urban image are not only a city’s business card, but also indicators of a high quality of life.” – SEAB The project is located in the district of Oltrisarco-Aslago, in Bolzano, the capital city of the province of South Tyrol in northern Italy. The district, as well as the city have experienced a season of change, from a place with a heavy industry background, to the development of new architectonic perspectives in the region, the construction of the Noi Techpark, Museums, and tertiary settlements have transformed the area into a productive space with a mix of industrial, craft and commercial activities.

The objective is to design the new administrative headquarters for SEAB, next to an already existing company building, the area is quite challenging due to spatial restrictions, with the existing Seab building on the south, the police station on the west side of the site, as well as a shopping mall across the street which intensifies the already highly transited junctions of its connecting axes, the crossroads between via Galileo Galilei and via Vincenzo Lancia.

The program proposal consist of six main structures, client service, technical service, administration, direction, parking and common space for employees and clients. The program is contained within two overlapping volumes, one on top of the other, both open in the center and rotated, in order to create a public courtyard that opens to its main axis; via Galilei, in order to create fluidity and connection. The main objective of the project is to create a contact point, a connective axis between the client and the company, in order to develop a stronger relationship with the city of Bolzano.


Created by:   Lizzette López Martinez

Completed on:   WS 2018/19