Ralf Niebergall - Architecture (DIA) Semesterarbeit

The Green Vein - University Island

  • The Green Vein
  • The Green Vein
  • The Green Vein
  • The Green Vein

Our idea started developing as soon as we studied the existing island. What was a very dominant straight away were the two elements of the natural domain and the artificial domain, representing the dense vegetation on the island and on the historic Architecture. We wanted to base our idea on these two components. In their current state, they seem to be one, as nature grew into and over the existing buildings. This thought intrigued us. What if we could design a campus where these two elements take shape once again and work together in harmony? As a starting point, we looked at the most tree populated areas, as we wanted to retain most of them.

After that we drew out the grid of the old buildings, informing us where we could place our new Architecture. Seeing that there are a lot of new funcions that need to be connected in some fashion.
We thus introduced a long spine which is placed perpendicular to the grid system, facing the island of Venice and Lido. Next step was to visually as well as physically link this spine to the old Architecture as well as to the dominant landscape of the island.

Taking reference from Venice, we introduced new canals into the island within the grid system. These can be used for transportation, visual enjoyment as well as docking stations for the students. Ultimately we experimented with the form of the new Architecture, introducing buildings which create an extension of the landscape, folding into walkable roof which can be used for a number of functions such as outside classrooms, gardens, tribunes, extensions of old Architecture or viewing platforms. These buildings stripes merge with nature and in reverse, nature grows over and in between the built form.

In a nutshell we were trying to achieve a campus design which enhances the existing state of the island but also introduces a new vibrant and playful space for the students……..a green vein.


Created by: Olaf Buchholz & Christian Dase

Completed on: SS 2016