Dokumentation der Exkursion zum Koop-Projekt Shantou - Integriertes Design Exkursion

Information in Motion

Documentary about a cooperation between the Cheung Kong School of Art & Design, Shantou University and the Department of Design of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Dessau.

cosmetic surgery
Leija, Kate, Molly, Laura

the world without mosquitos
Katie, Judy, Vicky, Kevin

pokemon go
Xiaosheng, Chenglong, Yiming, Qizhou

s he
Emma, Karen, Cindy, Cecilia

let's daleng
Lee, Wang, Shiney, Crystal

differences between chinese and german students
Celeste, Clara, De Hao, Seven

Sean, Mia, Yanqing, Flo, Nick, Lily

the music's marketing
Sun, Juntao, Hillary, Johanna

the grand budapest hotel
Melanie, Abby, Arren, Sue

air pollution
Land, Yiming, Allen, Harvey

Rochus, Stella, Lisa


special thanks to
Dean Wang Shouzi, Vice Dean Heidi Lee, Sophia Zhuang

music from
Revelations - Underscore Ver. A by Tristan Barton
Red Moon by Ian Post