Pinaak Kumar, Julia Yousuf, Kanupriya Saxena - Integrated Design Semesterprojekt


Winter Semester 2020/21


Prof. Petra Müller-Csernetzky

What makes humans a special species in the world is the development of language. Over the centuries its tendency to communicate with certain signs, words and symbols have helped the modern world in understanding the process of human growth. Different disciplines including anthropology, archaeology, folklore, philology, semiology, linguistics and the discipline of
literature use language and its structure to understand thinking, cultures, experiences and beliefs from the past.
This project focuses on finding various important questions which are associated with storytelling. Does a good storyteller born with gifted abilities or does the influence around them make them better than others? Is it a skill or comes natural and cannot be learned and only improved? How can a beginner or an interested person who intents to become a good storyteller with different forms of communication including visual, written and vocal forms can improve their overall skills even if they are not formally trained or have any previous experiences?
Other than languages there are various other forms by which humans express themselves. A few being hand gestures, facial expressions, music etc play a helping hand in creating an overall convincing narrative. This project also looks into these factors to determine to what extent these extras influence the process of storytelling. Six prototypes in total were tested with over 20 participants in different conditions, on different skill levels within controlled and uncontrolled conditions to find out the significance of the factors mentioned above. In the growing age of data and internet storytelling is considered an essential skill in every field of study and courier. It helps in creating confidence among the shared group and helps in building positive, productive and engaging conversations.