Application period:

International Uni Assist:

15.03. - 15.07. (winter)
15.09. - 15.01. (summer)

National SSC Portal:

15.03. - 15.07. (winter)
15.09. - 15.01. (summer)


If you've got admission for the summer or winter semester and couldn't come due to some reasons, please contact the SSC Portal and afterward the MMH/MAC department. Thanks.


New applicants apply only via Uni Assist.

Keyword is: Bernburg/Dessau/Köthen, Hochschule Anhalt, Master Architectural Cultural Heritage

Questions about the application

  • Which study requirements do I have to fulfill?

    For admission to a Master’s degree in Architectural and Cultural Heritage, a Bachelor’s degree (not less than six semesters) in a related field is compulsory – such as architecture, archaeology, history of art, civil

    engineering, geography, facilities management, history, interior design or surveying technology. Alternatively, relevant professional experience related to cultural heritage preservation can be considered.

    In exceptional case: Candidates may also be admitted on the basis of relevant work experience or exceptional interest in the preservation and conservation sector. This consideration can only be done by contacting the department before applying formally. (contact us)

    The course is taught in English. We require proof of your English language skills. This can be proved by submitting recognized certificates (for example IELTSTOEFL, etc.), if we have doubts about the quality of language skills, we will ask to seat for a specific English language exam here in Germany. If you are a native English speaker, or if you have completed your bachelor course in the English language and you can provide a certificate to confirm this, you do not need to do a language test.

  • Is there any admission restriction?

    Yes. You can only be admitted if you have completed a 3-year Bachelor's degree with 180 credits.

  • Where can I apply?

    Please apply online via UniAssist. The keyword for Hochschule Anhalt is: Bernburg/Dessau/Köthen, Hochschule Anhalt, Architectural and Cultural Heritage

    First of all, you have to register yourself. Please use a working e-mail address. You will get all the information through this e-mail address. So do not change it.

    After registration, you are getting an application number and then you can fill in the online application. After submitting the application, you will be asked to pay the fee and to send your documents. Please take a look in the FAQ's from uni-assist.

  • When is the application period?

    International Uni Assist

    15.03. - 15.07. (winter)
    15.09. - 15.01. (summer)

    National SSC Portal

    15.03. - 15.07. (winter)
    15.09. - 15.01. (summer)

  • Which application documents do I have to submit?
    • Color Copy of your Passport
    • Motivation Letter
    • Current CV with Date & Signature
    • Passport photo (original photo, no printout)


    Certified copies of original plus English translation of:

    • Bachelor degree and transcript, if available master degree and transcript.
    • Proof of your English Language Skills (TOEFL, IELTS or comparable)
  • English is not my mother tongue ...

    Which language certificate do I have to provide?

    In TOEFL, IELTS or comparable your language certificate has to have at least the B2 level, which you have to submit.

    You should plan to take the language test in advance of the application.

  • How much is the fee?

    In order to enroll for the MAC Master program, every student is expected to pay 2 administrative fees each semester. These are:

          1. Admin. fee for Master Program MAC                                 750€

          2. Admin. fee for general registration and student union           86€

    The total amount of the tuition fee is 836€.

    Where to pay?

    After receiving the admission letter, you will get an information letter with the bank account details.

  • Steps before and after arriving in Dessau

    When you get admission in any university in Germany you should keep in mind what will be the next steps. What types of preparation you need to take. What you need to work on before coming to Europe and things you have to take care of right after your arrival here.

    5 steps that you need to take before arrival:

    1. Apply for VISA (check current visa regulations that apply to you either with the German Embassy in your home country or online at or on the website of German Federal Foreign Office).
    2. Check the Prerequisite for a further visa extension while studying and living in Germany.
    3. Weather and living style in Germany.
    4. What you must bring with you.
    5. Apply for a place in a student dormitory or take a look at housing options.


    2 more websites, which could be helpful for you as well:


    6 steps that you need to take after the arrival:

    1. Inform the Auslaenderamt of your arrival in Germany (foreign office of Dessau).
    2. Open a bank account.
    3. Get a housing contract.
    4. Get student health insurance.
    5. Get enrolled in Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.
    6. Extend the visa.



  • Enrollment periode

    We enroll for Winter Semester and Summer Semester.

    Winter Semester: August 15th - October 30th

    Summer Semester: February 15th - April 30th





  • Where can you enroll?

    If you have done several steps after your arriving in Dessau, you can be officially enrolled in MAC at the office of:

    Mrs. Cornelia Graichen

    Building M (Mensa / Canteen)

    Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday


    Please hand in all documents for enrollment in an envelope at the guard in building 04 or send them by post to the enrollment office in Dessau. Please label the envelope with your name and the postal address below. Thanks a lot!

    Post address:

    Hochschule Anhalt



    z.Hd. Frau Graichen

    Seminarplatz 2

    06846 Dessau




  • Which documents do I need for enrollment?

    You need to show in addition to what you have been told with your admission package:

    1. Color Copy of your admission letter (Zulassungsschreiben)
    2. Color Copy of your passport (for Non-EU students) / national ID (for EU citizens)
    3. Proof of sufficient health insurance 
    4. Paying in slip as proof of having transferred the semester fee
    5. Non-EU students: Residence permit (Aufenthaltstitel)
    6. biometric, passport-sized photo (for student ID)

    Please hand in all documents for enrollment in an envelope at the guard in building 04 or send them by post to the enrollment office in Dessau. Please label the envelope with your name and the postal address below. Thanks a lot!

    Post address:

    Hochschule Anhalt



    z.Hd. Frau Graichen

    Seminarplatz 2

    06846 Dessau



  • When does the semester begin?

    The winter semester starts in the 1st week of October and the summer semester starts in the 1st week of April.

  • Organization of this Master program

    The master program 'Architectural an Cultural Heritage' is a full-time study course.

    A part-time study is not recommended due to the time and professional requirements.

  • Who can advise me on further questions?

    Please send your questions about the application and study via e-mail to Studienberatung. Your Study coordinator Mrs. Priyanka Hufnagel will answer on it.

    Questions about housing, health insurance, foreign office of Dessau and bank account are answered by our Campus Coordinator Mrs. Yili Lu.