Apply & After Admission

Apply to MAC

You find all information about the requirements for this Master program at 'Overview'.

Please check the latest information at the website of Uni assist. In general however the following documents are required for your application via uni-assist:

  1. Copy of your Passport
  2. Motivation letter
  3. CV
  4. Language test certificate, e.g. TOEFL, IELTS
  5. Bachelor diploma (Original and English translation)
  6. Transcript / Marksheets (Original plus English translation) 
  7. Passport photo 

The HS Anhalt University is now using uni-assist for all international applications. An additional application directly to the university is not necessary. You only have to apply digitally to Uni Assist. 

Please read the information offered by uni-assist carefully.

Please follow this link to get started:

Link to Uni Assist:

Application process:

  1. Register online
  2. Choose your degree program
  3. Get your documents together
  4. Upload all documents require and finish your application

Every student is expected to pay 750€ (admin. fee for Master Program MAC) + 86€ (admin. fee for general registration and student union of Anhalt University) meaning a total of 836€ for each Semester. 

The MAC welcomes new students every Winter Semester, which starts in the first week of October, and Summer Semester, which begins in the first week of April. 

The application period for Winter Semester is March 15th -July 15th 

and for the Summer Semester, it is September 15th - on January 15th.

Admitted applicants choosing to enroll for Winter Semester must submit their semester fees by September 15th and arrive in Dessau latest by October 1st. For the Summer Semester, the deadline to submit the fees is 15th of March. We advise new students to arrive for two weeks in advance from beginning of the Semesters to prepare their stay here.

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Holders of a Bachelor's or Master's degree from a German university (or holders of a Statement of Comparability for Foreign Higher Education Qualifications from a German institute, eg. ZAB) that meet the corresponding language qualification for the MAC degree program, can apply via SSC-Portal. In all other cases, you have to apply via uni-assist.

You can find all information about the application process on our web page:

You will find all information about the application process via uni-assist as well as the required documents under the following link:

Important! All documents that you required for application through uni-assist will be shared automatically with Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. Therefore, you do not have to send any documents (hard copies) via postal service to Anhalt University!

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After Admission

International students need to go through several authorities.

Seven steps that you need to take before arrival:

  1. Apply for VISA (check current visa regulations that apply to you either with the German Embassy in your home country or online at or on the website of the German Federal Foreign Office (
  2. Check the Prerequisite for a further visa extension while studying and living in Germany.
  3. Weather and living style in Germany.
  4. Check what you must bring with you.
  5. Apply for a place in a student dormitory or look for outher accommodation.
  6. Bring a minimum of 2,000 EUR in cash with you, it takes about 3 weeks before your blocked account is activated.
  7. Pay the two administration Fee for the MAC master program.
  8. Fill out the contact form of the international office for international students approx. 10 days before arrival!

For international student’s registration at the university and the city, you need to:

  1. Organize an accommodation, sign the contract for your accommodation
  2. Open a bank account
  3. Get a health insurance 
  4. Get a German telephone number
  5. Register/enroll at Hochschule Anhalt/Student Service Center (SSC) 
  6. Register at town hall Dessau/Foreign Office.

For further information:



Studentenwerk (student services) is an independent organization that is responsible for student housing in Dessau.

For Dessau, you can also check in the Bauhaus guest house as many students live there as well. There is a 'special' option for students. (You can live there temporarily for a few days as well.)

Also, for a short time, you can stay in the youth hostel in Dessau.

There are many ways to find private housing in Germany. However, you should bear in mind that shortly before the semester starts, it will be more difficult to find a room. So take a look in advance. Usually, the rooms and apartments are offered unfurnished. Most of these apartments even do not have a kitchen.

Useful websites for private housing:

You also can check out the 'Dessau International' Facebook Group. People are always looking for a new roommate.

If you have any questions, please contact the MAC student advisor Mrs. Yili Lu.

email: Yili.Lu(at)

phone: +49 340 5197 1518

There are several steps you will have to do when you arrive in Dessau. These include getting a German address as well as registering at the town hall, opening a bank account, and organizing student health insurance. You also have to pay the semester fee; after that, you can be officially enrolled in MAC.
To learn about the procedure, please download the document 'Enrollment and Registration'.
After you have completed the paperwork, you will get your student's card as well as login data for your university email and the HISqis platform. You will need your student email address to receive all information during the semester and the HISqis platform to keep an overview of your grades and credits.

You find all information about the Formalities on the Website of the Student Service Center of the HS Anhalt.


When you are arriving in Germany with 3 months conditional visa you have to settle down and complete the following tasks and then will be allowed to renew your visa. (do not worry there will be people to guide you after reaching here) 

  1. complete the payment of tuition fees
  2. housing contract (as you will need a German postal address)
  3. open a bank account (e.g. Deutsche Bank)
  4. a health insurance (it is a must)
  5. complete your registration as MAC student in Anhalt University of Applied Sciences by showing Original certificate + document related to 1, 2, 3 & 4
  6. Apply for Visa renewal with 2, 4, 5 and your financial proof (that you have a source of money to continue your stay here in Dessau)
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The safety and health of our students and staff are a key priority. Access to this university facility has thus been still reduced. 

Please use the following contacts for your questions and queries:

Limited appointment slots are available for urgent matters only. Please write to the person, you want to make an appointment with to arrange on a date. Persons who are asked to come to the office are requested to the follow hygiene regulations and to provide their own mask.