Studying at DIA

Academic Calendar

The academic year at DIA is divided into a winter and a summer semester.

The winter semester starts October 1st and officially ends March 31st. Lectures run from October to the end of January. Exams and Presentations are held in late January/early February.

The summer semester starts April 1st and officially ends September 30th. Lectures run from April to the end of June. Exams and Presentations are held in late June/early July. Thesis presentations are in mid July.

Covid-19 tests

If you experience COVID-19 related symptoms, or if your corona app turns red (please download the German corona App from the Appstore) follow these steps:

Call first:

Hotline Department of Health Dessau-Rosslau
0340 204-2222
Monday-Friday: 9 am - 3pm

Test Opportunities (also call first, walk-in patients will be rejected)

Fever Ambulance Dr. med. Kathrin Rall
Heidestr. 27 / Turmstraße


Monday-Thursday: Noon- 3pm ; Friday: 10.00 am- 1pm

Fever Ambulance  Kerstin Speer
Diesdorfer Straße 35


Tuesday: Moon - 3pm
Wendesday: 10 am to 1pm

Fever Ambulance Dr. med. Uwe Cipowicz
Gutenbergstr. 25
0340 882567


If you are a student of Anhalt University and want to continue your studies in the next semester, you will need to re-register. To do so, transfer the semester fee of 936€ by the deadline.

Re-registration Periods

For the following winter semester:  15 August until 15 September
For the following summer semester: 15 February until 15 March

If the start or end of the re-registration period is on a weekend or a holiday, then these deadlines can vary slightly.

Semester Fee


Recipient: Hochschule Anhalt
Bank: Deutsche Bundesbank
IBAN: DE35 8100 0000 0081 0015 39
Amount: 936.00€
Purpose (Verwendungszweck): Student number, re-registration period, name

Summer semester 2021: RM20211
Winter semester 2021/22: RM20212 

If you do not pay the semester fee before the regular deadline (15 Mar or 15 Sept), please transfer the fee together with the late fee (15€).

Complete Re-registration

You can check whether your semester fee has been received and you are officially re-registered in the Student Portal (around one week after the fee has been received). After that, you will need to update your student ID at one of the validation stations and have the new semester date printed on it. You can print out your current certificates of enrollment on your own using the SSC Portal.



We have made a selection of our publications available for download on issuu. Please follow this link: