Application process and required documents

Required Documents

- Bachelor degree certificate
- Grades transcript
- English language proof (TOEFL or IELTS; a letter from your University that the medium of your Bachelor study was in English is not enough!)
- CV
- Motivation letter
- Copy of passport
- Passport format photo
- Recommendation letters
- Internships
- Other activities (social, sports etc.)

All documents must be provided either in German or English language – certified translations only.


As a foreign applicant you have to apply with uni-assist with all mandatory documents.
At uni-assist's online portal you find us at the following name: Bernburg/Dessau/Köthen, Hochschule Anhalt.

As a German applicant you can apply at our University's webpage SSC-Portal (without uni-assist), with the same documents.

After your application, uni-assist will check your documents and inform Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. Then, you get an email from us and a new login for our registration system of Anhalt University where you can check your status of application and download the admission letter. We will always inform you via e-mail when your status has changed.


  • In the registration portal you can switch the language to German and download a German version of the admission letter.
  • If you additionaly need the original admission letter by mail (airmail), you have to contact us.
  • The admission letter is only valid for the next semester (we have changed this!). That means, if you cannot finish your visa process in time, please go in contact with us as soon as possible. So we can help you.
  • For data protection reasons we are obliged to delete the data of the previous application of one semester. Please contact us again for a new application/registration at our university for the next semester, so that we have your data for the new semester as well.
  • Currently there are no tuition fees for the Master Program of Biomedical Engineering - you only have to pay a “semester-contribution” of about 80 Euro for the each semester.


Application deadlines:

  • winter semester:

Uni-assist Portal      March 15th  -  July 15th
University Portal (SSC Portal)     March 15th  -  July 15th

  • summer semester:

Uni-assist Portal     September 15th  -  January 15th
University Portal (SSC Portal)     September 15th  -  January 15th

Our selection commission makes currently decisions of admission or rejection. You will get this information about our registration portal of Anhalt University.


Start of the MBE program:

  • winter semester:  always October 1st
  • summer semester:  always April1st