Arrival issues in times of Coronavirus

Information about the winter semester 2020/21

Probably we will offer our program both completely online or as presence lectures.

If you want to start your studies in this winter semester, you can register online - please follow the instructions on your admission letter. The enrollment process has already started.

Please pay frequent and careful attention to the current hints:

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Please make sure that you have added a check mark at the "Datenschutzerklärung" (Data privacy statement") before clicking the "SUBMIT" button. After submitting your form a confirmation page will be displayed showing you the data you provided. The form is sent directly to your program coordinator. Stay safe and healthy!

Take care! If you will take part in our program online only and stay in your home country the complete semester, you won’t need a health insurance. But as soon as you are in Germany during next winter semester, you must pay the health insurance for the complete semester (monthly around 110 Euro! .. overall 660 Euro!!).