Save the date! Summer semester

Orientation days   -   April 1st and 2nd 2019

We will assist you with all the formalities at the orientation days.
We will be here for you on these days at 10 a.m. in Bernburger Str. 57, room 01/218 and try to help you with health insurance, activation of your bank account, city registration, enrolment at the University, accommodation… Please don’t forget to bring enough money with you for the first couple of weeks (semester contribution, rent, deposit and more …).


Introduction day   -   April 4th 2019

We start with the study information on April 4th at 10 a.m. in Bernburger Str. 57, room 01/218.     This day is very important for you!


Beginning of classes   -   April 8th 2019

Our program starts on Monday, April 8th and you have to be present in all courses to get an overview. On April 29th  you have to choose your courses and decide your own study program – it can’t be changed after that!

If you want to start with us, we would like to know the status of your visa-process, arrival in Köthen and your housing situation. Are all things fine? Will you be in time?


Deadline for semester contribution   -   April 15th 2019

The semester contribution money need to arrive at Anhalt University's account by April 15th. This should be done from all incomers, even if you have not arrived in Köthen yet. The money can be refunded if you are not able to enroll in time.


Extension for enrolment   -   April 26th 2019

Sometimes applicants have visa problems. Unfortunately, we cannot help in this case. The last day for enrolment at Anhalt University is April 26th. Please inform us, if it is not possible for you to be here in time. Also, you have to inform the "Studentenwerk" about it (if you signed a contract for accommodation!). In this case you also have to transfer the rent money for the first month and the deposit – because the room is reserved for you!

If you are not able to come in this summer semester (until April 26th) please inform us. We would change then your admission for the coming winter semester 2019/2020. In this case you don't need to apply through uni-assist again.
But: This procedure is only one times possible. After that you have to apply complete new.


In Germany, April 19th, 22nd and May 1st is a public holiday! No open shops, no office times, special train schedules!