Landscape Architecture (MA)

Master Landscape Architecture


  • Admission

    1. Degree Required
    A completed degree from a national or international university/college that offers a diploma, Bachelor or Masters degree on a landscape architecture program which is at least three years in length is required. From programs in architecture, urban planning, spatial planning or related fields may also apply.

    2. Work experience
    An work experience of minimum Two years is required in related field.

    3. Portfolio
    Applicants should submit a portfolio that consists five design projects related to landscape architecture. Portfolio must include minimum two professional works out of five. Applicant's roles in submitted projects should be properly mentioned in case of group projects.

    4. Language proficiency
    Fluency in written and spoken English is a prerequisite for admission. If the medium of instruction from the first degree program was not obtained in English language, then proof of English proficiency must be verified.

    For TOEFL a minimum score of 563 (PBT, Paper Based Test) or 85 (IBT, Internet Based Test) is required and for IELTS a overall score of 6.5 is sufficient to verify proficiency.

    In case of the medium of instruction of first degree program in English, relevant certificate from university is required.

    Criteria for Acceptance
    Applicant should comply all necessary prerequisites mentioned above.

    Acceptance into the program is based on the final grade point average from the first degree program, evaluation of submitted portfolio and motivation letter.

    In addition, the regulations for the acceptance process to masters programs at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences include special acceptance criteria as well.

  • Application Form
  • Admissions Fee
    • Cost of study: German Universities do not require students to pay tuition fees
    • Academic Costs 500 € per semester.
    • Students have to pay a registration fee of 76 € per semester.
    • Health insurance is compulsory and will cost approximately 78€ per month. This health insurance covers virtually all cases of illness.
    • A monthly bus ticket for the local transportation system can be purchased for approximately 33 € per month.
    • Costs for living and housing (500-700 € per month) must be covered by the student.
  • Application procedure

    The complete paper application package must include the following officially notarized copies and officially notarized translation in either German or English (if the certificates are not in German or English):

    • Application form
    • Certificate of Highest Diploma Achieved
    • Transcript of records of Diploma
    • A short curriculum vitae (half-page)
    • English language proficiency test result or certificate of medium of instruction in English
    • Design Portfolio
    • Letter of Motivation
    • Work experience Certificate
    • Copy of passport or other proof of identification

    Application Deadline – 31st May for the following winter semester.

    Send your complete application package to the following address:

    University of Applied Sciences
    MLA, Dr. Elke Eckhardt
    Strenzfelder Allee 28
    06406 Bernburg

  • Deadline

    Deadline for applications is 31st May. (Beginning of the program is October 1st)


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  • Arrival support

    Students can reach Bernburg by train from any airports in Germany. Train is main public transportation for inter city connection. By the time you are arrive in airport, please follow the sign to Train Station or Deutschebahn (DB). Usually airport and train station are in one area. You can buy ticket and get the travel plan from Deutschebahn service centre in every single train station.

    You can also check train schedule at website


    and select English language. It is strongly recommended to come to Bernburg-Strenzfeld campus at working day (not weekend or holiday). From in front of Bernburg train station, you can take bus 112 from Bernburg train station to Strenzfeld campus.

    To see the schedule of bus 112 to strenzfeld campus, please visit website
    In this pdf file, please note the time from Bahnhof Hst 2 (bus station number 2 in front of Bernburg Train station) to Strenzfeld Kastanienweg (Bus station in Strenzfeld campus).

    Please take a look at location of Strenzfeld campus in google maps or google earth.

    How to arrive at campus Bernburg-Strenzfeld


    Campus tour

    City tour

  • Visa

    For the purpose of studies, you are required to obtain a Student/Applicant Visa [Studienbewerbervisum] from the German embassy in your home country. Once you are in Germany, it will be extended to cover the period of your studies. A "Tourist Visa" will in no case be recognized, since it can not be transformed into a student residence permit in Germany.

    Citizens of a member-state of the European Union and Honduras, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, Switzerland, and the USA do not require an entry visa but must apply for student resident permit when they get here. In all cases, please check with the German embassy authorities in your country before coming to Germany do not need a visa.

    Visa application forms can be downloaded and must be submitted to the local German embassy. Please contact the respective authorities soon to obtain detailed information about the visa application procedure. Our experience has shown that it may take quite a while to get a visa, the application period ranging from 2 weeks to 4 months.

  • Housing

    Generally, there are two kinds of student house, those are student house that are managed by Studentenwerk Halle and student house that belong to private.

    For student houses of private property are usually outside of Strenzfeld campus. It is recommended for new students to contact studentenwerk halle before coming to Bernburg. Please visit website and send email to wpvkoethen(at) or phone call to phone number below to book student room as soon as possible.

    To download application form of student house, please visit website


    Studentisches Wohnen in Köthen / Dessau / Bernburg

    Tel.: +49 3496 / 67 64 24 or +49 3496 67 64 25
    time for service: Tuesday 13.00 - 17.00 and Thursday 12.30-15.00 (Germany time)

  • Health Insurance

    Health insurance is one of requirement in German education system. Each students must have insurance to have service in Medical Practitioner, hospital, Remedies, Dentist, and accident insurance. Insurance is one of requirement to have long residence permit (visa). The largest statuary health insurance company in Germany ‘AOK’ has a special student service. 

    Please visit website to get general information about AOK in English language

    To apply AOK insurance in Bernburg, please contact:
    AOK Sachsen-Anhalt
    Friedensallee 11
    06406 Bernburg (Saale), Germany‎ - 0180 2265726‎

    (if you have difficulties to speak with AOK officer, because ussually they are speak only in German language, please contact Dr. Elke Eckhardt – see contact in MLA website)

  • Bank account

    Sparkasse Elbe-Saale‎
    Markt 29, 06406 Bernburg, Germany‎ - 03471 3056-0‎

    Sparkasse Elbe-Saale
    Friedensallee 13, 06406 Bernburg (Saale), Germany‎ - 03471 376-0‎

    Dresdner Bank, Filiale Bernburg
    Friedensallee 8, 06406 Bernburg, Germany‎ - 03471 30370‎

    Volksbank Börde-Bernburg eg‎
    Friedensallee 3, 06406 Bernburg (Saale), Germany‎ - 03471 378-3‎

    Commerzbank AG Fil. Bernburg
    Friedensallee 27, 06406 Bernburg (Saale), Germany‎ - 03471 3474-0‎

    Deutsche Bank SB-Banking
    Karlsplatz 33, 06406 Bernburg, Germany‎

    Karlsplatz 20, 06406 Bernburg (Saale), Germany‎ - 030 42080370‎