Want to study or work in Germany? Welcome to the Online Bridging Semester!

Use your time well: With our Online Bridging Semester, we are offering you a great opportunity to prepare for your future academic and professional career path. Studying and working in a foreign country can be a challenging experience, but through our specially-designed certificate program you now have the exciting option of preparing for a master’s degree in a German-speaking country and taking important steps towards your professional future – no matter where you live in the world.

Key benefits of our certificate program include

  • 100% online environment
  • all classes in the English language
  • course modules can be completed in only 1 semester
  • 150 hours of German language classes!

Areas of Focus

Julia Schinköthe

A grasp of the German language is essential for any successful debut on the German job market. We can help you build on what you already know by offering everything from beginner to advanced courses.

Julia Schinköthe - German as a foreign language

The purpose of the course study and curriculum is to understand the rationale behind International Marketing and its impact as related to the Global Picture!

Prof. Pat Patton - Interational Marketing

It is often said that hard skills – or technical skills – will get you the job interview, but your soft skills – your human and interpersonal skills –will get you the job.

Jeff Burrowes - Soft Skills

Course Syllabus

Elective Modules Winter Semester 2021/2022

  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

    Imparting of basic knowledge in pharmaceutical biotechnology which qualify the students to:

    –    Be able to select an (almost) unmet medical need for future drug development
    –    Identify corresponding medical targets
    –    Establish appropriate bioassays and screen for drug candidates
    –    Produce and optimize the drug candidates
    –    Develop and perform methods for in vitro toxicity tests

    responsible person: Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Mägert

    Examination: oral Examination, 30 minutes

  • Project Management

    To convey all requirements for successful project organization and to qualify the student to:

    –    self-dependent organization of (scientific) projects
    –    analyze the specific project environment and stakeholders
    –    to conduct, monitor an finalize projects including different kinds of project reporting
    –    use relevant tools and methods for resource allocation and planning
    –    perceive and leverage project management as a strategy-forming element for value creation in forward-looking organizations


    lecturer: Vertretungs-Prof. Dr. Stephan Schilling

    Examination: oral Examination, 30 minutes

  • Recombinant Protein Production

    Imparting of comprehensive knowledge in recombinant protein production which qualify the students to:

    –    Be able to decide whether the recombinant production of a protein of interest does make sense
    –    Select the appropriate expression system for recombinant production of a certain protein
    –    Construct the required expression vector, plan and perform experiments for recombinant production of a protein of interest
    –    Optimize expression conditions, purify and analyse the recombinant protein

    responsible person: Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Mägert, Prof. Dr. Jana Rödig, Dr. Manfred Raida

    Examination: Written Examination, 90 Minutes

  • Enzyme Development

    Imparting of basics in enzyme development which qualify the students to:

    –    Identify enzymes for specific applications
    –    Biochemically characterize enzymes
    –    Optimize enzymes concerning different aspects
    –    Produce, immobilize and use enzymes for specific applications


    responsible persons: Prof. Dr. H.-J. Mägert, Prof. Dr. S. Schilling, Prof. Dr. J. Rödig, Dr. M. Stein, Prof. Dr. C. Grewe

    Examination: Written Examination, 90 Minutes

  • Vaccines

    ·    The students know the characteristics, discrimination and nomenclature of diverse active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) such as small molecule, biologics, Biopharmaceuticals, vaccines and other biological products
    ·    The students expand their knowlede about multiple pathogen and/or parasite characteristics
    ·    They acquire basic knowledge in the field of vaccine-relevant immunology/ innate and acquired immunity, as well as positiv- and negativ selection
    ·    The students will aquire knowlede in the field of Vaccine
    o    research and development
    o    production/ upstream and downstream challenges
    o    formulation
    o    stability
    o    and relevant analytics
    ·    Vaccine approval
    ·    Basic structrual organisation of vaccine manufacturer
    ·    The students know exemplary vaccine production processes
    ·    optional: characteristics of further biopharmaceutical products and processes


    responsible person: Prof. Dr. Jana Rödig

    Examination: Oral Examination, 30 Minutes

  • Coorperate Project Management

    In general, the basics of project management will be covered.

    • - What is a project?
    • - Relevance of projects in companies
    • - What is project management? (Time planning, Cost planning, Personnel planning)
    • - Getting to know different project management tools e.g. (Gantt chart, network plans)


    responsible Person: Vanessa Fehlig

Course Information

Students Statement

How to apply or book a modul:

Has the Online Bridging Program awoken your interest? Apply quickly and easily online. Please note the following deadlines: 15.03. for the summer semester and 15.09. for the winter semester.

Documents you need for application:

  • first degree documents
  • CV/Resume
  • Copy of your ID or passport

If you are an international student, please use the UNI-ASSIST. If you are already a student at Anhalt University, please use the SSC Apllicant Portal/ form for change of study program.

If you want to book a single module, contact grit.marschik(at)hs-anhalt.de for more information.