Photovoltaics Engineering Science (M.Sc.)


Pre-Assessment (strongly recommended for all applicants):

June 15 for winter semester

December 15 for summer semester

 Pre-Assessment will be open from March 15 again.

Uni-Assist (for applicants from abroad, especially non-EU countries):

July 15 for winter semester

January 15 for summer semester

The application period starts 4 months before the deadline.


To have a realistic chance to get your visa (if needed) in time, we recommend to apply as much as possible before these deadlines!


SSC application portal (for applicants with a German Bachelor degree):

July 15 for winter semester

January 15 for summer semester

For applicants from Germany also later dates can be made possible in exceptional cases, in this case please contact the program coordinator or the academic advisor by email.


The winter semester starts at the first working day in October, the summer semester starts at the first working day in April.


A service fee of 80.- € is charged per semester for the students social affairs agency (Studentenwerk);  plus 6.- € for the student Union. The Studentenwerk supports you then in social aspects free of further charges (e.g. administration of students' accommodation, cheap meals in the students' refectory, free legal advice, and other kind of social support).

No tuition fees are charged.


Uni-Assist charges a fee of 75.- € for its assessment of your documents (30.- € for every additional application, if you apply for more than one program).


Prerequisites for the program

Bachelor of at least 7 semesters (equivalent to 210 ECTS points) in:

Electrical Engineering


Physics Engineering or equivalent

Materials Science or equivalent

Other engineering sciences Bachelor degrees are accepted, if the program covers the following subjects to a sufficent extent: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry or Materials Science, Basics of Electrical Engineering and Semiconductor Technology


Minimum grade of Bachelor program:

2.5 (converted to German system by the Bavarian formula (Bayerische Formel))


University rating according to Anabin list: H+


Proven ability to work scientifically and write a scientific text

Usually shown by the final thesis/final project of the Bachelor program


Knowledge of oral and written English at least of level B2 (according to the European reference framework for languages)

Equivalent scores by other tests are roughly:

TOEFL: PBT=600, CBT=250 or iBT=100 points

IELTS:  6.0 

TOEIC, Cambridge Certificate, or any other test equivalent to B2 level (European reference framework for languages).

DUOLINGO tests cannot be accepted.

If the Bachelor degree was awarded by an English language program, an official confirmation of this fact is sufficient.


No knowledge of German is necessary for the program. (But it is helpful in daily life.)


Uni-Assist application

We recommend to submit it as early as possible, but not before you have the results of your pre-assessement. According to Uni-Assist the evaluation process takes usually 28 to 42 days, in exceptional cases up to 56 days.


The application must contain the same documents as for the pre-assessment (see above) plus the language certificate (and possibly further documents, if requested by the Uni-Assist portal). The process is fully online by uploading your documents.

The transcript of the university certificate (and possibly further documents - check the Uni-Assist portal for it) must be officially notified.

No reference letters or similar are necessary.

Check the Uni-Assist portal as early as possible for your country-specific requirements!


Uni-Assist will perform a formal check of your documents. For students from most universities of some countries (especially India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, but also others) usually an 8 semester Bachelor is assessed to be equivalent to only 6 German semesters. Since our program requires at least 7 semesters (according to German standard), an admission is then only possible with one additional bridging semester. For electrical engineers we can offer such a bridging semester in English, for other applicants only in German. Only in this case a knowledge in German of level B2 is necessary.


You can also apply at Uni-Assist without pre-assessment, but we do not recommend to do so.

Application via university SSC-portal

Applicants with a Bachelor degree from a German university don't have to apply at Uni-Assist, they can directly apply via the university SSC-portal free of charge (online upload of documents).

The same might be the case for EU applicants (or from other European countries as Switzerland, Norway or Great Britain) with a Bachelor from their home university or another EU university, if it is clear that this Bachelor is equivalent to a German Bachelor degree. Please contact the academic advisor or the program coordinator in such a case.

The same documents as for the pre-assessment have to be provided (plus further documents, if requested in the portal). The Bachelor transcript must be officially notified. Participation in the pre-assessment process is also recommended for such applicants.

Bavarian formula (Bayerische Formel)


A grading in letters A, B, C, ... must be converted to numbers: A=1, B=2, C=3, ...

If the total worst pass grade is different from the worst pass grades of single subjects, the total worst pass grade has to be used.